Paul Allen PR Advocates the Importance of the Message Instead of the Media

Paul Allen discusses the way media has changed recently and the importance of the message, instead of the media.

It’s the Message Matters, Not the Media

When it comes to successful communication, traditional means are no longer the be-all and end-all. According to Paul Allen PR, the media as we know it is on its way out. Listeners, viewers and readers are turning to other suppliers for their daily dose of news instead of the radio, the television and the newspapers.


Technology is smothering conventional media

In the past, traditional media was considered to be the custodian of information, and could therefore control how and when it was distributed. With the leaps and bounds technology has taken the past few years, a more diverse market emerged. This has given consumers a means of sidestepping the conventional media channels and consuming information according to their preference, without limitations around when, where or how. Unfortunately many businesses continue to hanker after coverage on radio, television and the papers, even though the power and value of this sort of exposure is quickly declining . Even getting your business to feature in the Irish Independent or the Irish Times is no longer all that. The same applies to an appearance on the Late Late Show, which is now only reaching a tiny proportion of the viewers it used to. Traditional media is not enough anymore; public relations companies like Paul Allen PR have to diversify and become even more creative to make sure that target audiences are reached.

New media; no limits

The national media industry’s tight grip on the distribution of newsworthy items has been released. Businesses are able to build up a direct dialogue with their target audience and have become their own media agencies as such. With the end of the national media monopoly, the middleman has been cut out and messages can be delivered directly through social media. This means that businesses have to play a more active and influential role in getting their message across to the relative audience. Although a company corresponding directly with their clientele is not a new phenomenon, social media has reformed the dynamics of this association and has created a new method of conversation. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook offer tremendous prospects for attention-grabbing and engaging communication. This interaction is crystal clear; it can be accurately measured and is easy to incorporate into marketing and PR campaigns.

Paul Allen PR believes in excellent content

Using social media is not simply a matter of pushing every morsel of marketing and advertising content out there. Although your goal is to create brand awareness, build your reputation and ultimately generate revenue, your content has to be meaningful. If all you do is send out an endless supply of sales talk, your audience will soon grow bored and simply stop paying attention. Every bit of content sent out has to mean something, be useful or provide entertainment. It also has to be regular, it has to be flexible, and it has to grow. Blogging could be a practical way to achieve two-way communication with clientele. The cost is minimal and it is a means by which businesses can interact with consumers through meaningful dialogue. In this digital age static websites are just not good enough anymore; consumers need more than information and images – they need engagement and interaction.

The silver lining

Even though things are changing faster than what many of us can keep up with, businesses are now able to take control of their media. Despite the learning curve involved, they are no longer at the mercy of the traditional media. Whether they choose to use blogs, magazines, websites or social media to broadcast their message, it is the message that matters rather than the media.

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