A Seismic Shift in Irish Politics

Big changes are happening in Irish politics and new party leader Lucinda Creighton is feeling the effects.

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have been the two leading parties in the Irish political arena since the very formation of the State, but that is about to change. Sinn Fein is raring to disrupt the duopoly and bring genuine change and choice to Ireland. The party is intent on bringing in a new era, an era in which a real choice between the left and the middle right exists. Naturally this is not going to be a smooth transition, and the elections due next year are bound to be interesting. The top dogs will fight tooth and nail to ward off Sinn Fein’s unwelcome advance and there may be substantial collateral damage involved.

Ireland’s Newest Political Party is Already Feeling Bruised

The latest addition to the Irish political scene, Renua, has already been shaken up by a mauling at the hands of the media. The party’s founder Lucinda Creighton appeared on The Late Late Show with fellow party member Eddie Hobbs. The pair was invited on the show to have a chat about their policies and to let the public know what the vision for the future of Ireland involves according to Renua. Interviewers have a tendency to hassle political guests into looking befuddled, and despite being the new kid on the block, Creighton did not get any better treatment. What politicians who are more seasoned tend to do is simply avoid answering pointed questions. Some even lead interviewers around by the nose, taking them for a merry dance. Not so with Lucinda – who was very much flustered and started complaining afterwards about how politicians are treated unfairly and aggressively in interviews. Although she does have a point, perhaps she has not yet realised how rough political skirmishes can get. Somebody is in for a wild ride.

Imagine Lucinda Doing a Show with Vincent Browne

Irish broadcasting legend Vincent Browne must be looking forward to having a chat with Lucinda Creighton and her party. Described as an ‘acerbic host’ and very much involved with politics, he is known for being a tough interviewer – much tougher than Ryan Tubridy of The Late Late Show. One can only imagine what would happen if Vincent and Lucinda had to have a little chinwag.

A Rough Start

Besides Lucinda’s battles with the media, another party member had an embarrassing moment of their own making live on national radio. In the first few hours after Renua’s launch, party member Terrence Flanagan had a public meltdown on RTE’s Drivetime after being asked bog standard questions by Mary Wilson. To add fuel to the fire, shortly after this Lucinda turned down an invitation to be a guest on Today FM’s Last Word; this turned into a bit of a quarrel. She then became very verbal about not being given enough time on The Late Late Show to explain her party’s policies well enough.

No More Whining or Hemming and Hawing

With disruptions on the horizon, Renua will have to buckle up and get ready for the rollercoaster ride with improved interview skills. There is no time for waffling and deflecting tough questions now. Creighton will need to learn how to put across her party’s key points in short, direct and understandable language without drivel and wasting time with complaining about unfairness – or she will risk alienating the electorate.

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