Ireland’s political campaigns are stuck in the Dark Ages

Politicians in the United States and UK are reshaping how they interact with the public through social media. Their Irish counterparts however, are deeply rooted in the traditions of the past.

Hilary Clinton launched her campaign this week with a minimum of fuss, no media circus nor circling of PR heavyweights. It boiled down to a tweet and a YouTube clip.

On the surface the campaign appeared to be missing the usual political fan fare, but behind the scenes a social media blitz went into overdrive.

Ireland Election

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A Seismic Shift in Irish Politics

Big changes are happening in Irish politics and new party leader Lucinda Creighton is feeling the effects.

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have been the two leading parties in the Irish political arena since the very formation of the State, but that is about to change. Sinn Fein is raring to disrupt the duopoly and bring genuine change and choice to Ireland. The party is intent on bringing in a new era, an era in which a real choice between the left and the middle right exists. Naturally this is not going to be a smooth transition, and the elections due next year are bound to be interesting. The top dogs will fight tooth and nail to ward off Sinn Fein’s unwelcome advance and there may be substantial collateral damage involved. Continue reading

Edna – don’t shoot yourself in the foot now

A round of tax cuts would prove a popular move in the next budget. But it should be avoided at all costs, writes Paul Allen.

Since the economy fell through the floor in 2008, we have survived through economic hardship. Now there appears to be a glimmer of hope and the end is in sight. The tough times we’ve lived through have allowed us to regain credibility around the world.

We have been able to come out of the bailout programme while re-entering the bond markets. At the start of the month Standard & Poor raised Ireland’s credit rating to A- based on the belief that the economy is poised to grow quicker than first thought over the coming two years.


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People Should Help Shape the Government

The Public Should Be Politically Proactive, Says Paul Allen PR

Politics is not as easy as it may seem. While smarty-pants radio hosts and every Tom, Dick and Harry on a barstool have a lot to say about how the country should be run, it is not that simple once you are in the driving seat.

People have to get down to business

Merely sounding off in the media does not solve much where the government is involved. To affect genuine change, commitment and patience are vital ingredients, as is knowledge and the determination to stand firm until the end. The government is of the people, by the people, for the people — this is the very foundation of a democratic state. This is why a strong democracy requires people stepping forward to help form and model the government, ensuring it looks after the needs of its people. To stand quietly and only have something to say when things go awry is simply not sufficient. The more individuals, organisations and groups become proactive in influencing the government in a positive way, the more the democracy will improve.

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