Is Ireland’s Traditional Media Doomed to Fail?

Is Ireland’s Traditional Media Destined for Failure?

2015 is shaping up as a landmark year for Ireland’s media. But have the aging contenders fallen too far behind the play to keep up?

RTE’s Brian Dobson stated that it was a potent mix of “risk and ratings” that saw our national broadcaster “devour good editorial practice.” This ‘slip’ ended in the Fr Reynolds’ libel case while also igniting the largest crisis of conscience that RTE has ever witnessed.

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Dobson cites the broadcaster’s appetite for “edgy” journalism as the problem, and they’re not alone in this boat. All traditional media are competing to win the consumer amid the boom in digital media. And, just like fathers trying to act hip at their teenager’s party, it can be awkward to watch.

If it’s tough to survive as a broadcaster right now, it’s much worse off in print media land. Ireland’s major newspapers are adopting an ‘evolve or die’ approach to avoid losing it all.

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Suarez Brand to Take Greater Bite of the Market

Having his reputation torn to shreds by the media is not expected to hurt Luis Suarez’s popularity among publishers, still hoping to associate themselves with one of the most infamous figures in sport, writes Paul Allen.

His reputation off the football field might be in tatters, but Luis Suarez is still in high demand among companies clamoring to be associated with one of the hottest, if not controversial, sporting figures in the world.

If you gave Alf-Inge Håland the choice of tangling with Suarez or Roy Keane on the field, you wouldn’t have to wait long for an answer.


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