Is Ireland’s Traditional Media Doomed to Fail?

Is Ireland’s Traditional Media Destined for Failure?

2015 is shaping up as a landmark year for Ireland’s media. But have the aging contenders fallen too far behind the play to keep up?

RTE’s Brian Dobson stated that it was a potent mix of “risk and ratings” that saw our national broadcaster “devour good editorial practice.” This ‘slip’ ended in the Fr Reynolds’ libel case while also igniting the largest crisis of conscience that RTE has ever witnessed.

Online news

Dobson cites the broadcaster’s appetite for “edgy” journalism as the problem, and they’re not alone in this boat. All traditional media are competing to win the consumer amid the boom in digital media. And, just like fathers trying to act hip at their teenager’s party, it can be awkward to watch.

If it’s tough to survive as a broadcaster right now, it’s much worse off in print media land. Ireland’s major newspapers are adopting an ‘evolve or die’ approach to avoid losing it all.

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Time for Ireland to Thrive, Without Multinational Imperialism

Ireland finally has an opportunity to take an independent stand in the global business sector.

2013-10-17_CAE Speech_clip_image010

For hundreds of years the Irish have been bowing at the feet of others, more specifically the English and the Church. Even the Celtic Tiger can be partly ascribed to foreign nationals boosting economic development. Ireland struggled economically for so many decades after the formation of the State, a mentality of defeatism and resentment of the success of others took root. While our fortunes were transformed during the economic boom, the recession saw a return to this old mentality. And even now with the economy blossoming strongly after the recession, the mentality of many Irish people is often stuck way in the past.

An Undesirable Environment for Irish Entrepreneurs

According to U2 frontman Bono, if you compare the reactions of fans in the US and in Ireland the difference is staggering. Americans would look at a person’s success and strive to emulate it, whereas the Irish would react with derision and resentment towards such success. The Irish culture has a strange tendency to treat accomplishment with suspicion and failure with scorn; no wonder for years we failed to develop a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs.


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Edna – don’t shoot yourself in the foot now

A round of tax cuts would prove a popular move in the next budget. But it should be avoided at all costs, writes Paul Allen.

Since the economy fell through the floor in 2008, we have survived through economic hardship. Now there appears to be a glimmer of hope and the end is in sight. The tough times we’ve lived through have allowed us to regain credibility around the world.

We have been able to come out of the bailout programme while re-entering the bond markets. At the start of the month Standard & Poor raised Ireland’s credit rating to A- based on the belief that the economy is poised to grow quicker than first thought over the coming two years.


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People Should Help Shape the Government

The Public Should Be Politically Proactive, Says Paul Allen PR

Politics is not as easy as it may seem. While smarty-pants radio hosts and every Tom, Dick and Harry on a barstool have a lot to say about how the country should be run, it is not that simple once you are in the driving seat.

People have to get down to business

Merely sounding off in the media does not solve much where the government is involved. To affect genuine change, commitment and patience are vital ingredients, as is knowledge and the determination to stand firm until the end. The government is of the people, by the people, for the people — this is the very foundation of a democratic state. This is why a strong democracy requires people stepping forward to help form and model the government, ensuring it looks after the needs of its people. To stand quietly and only have something to say when things go awry is simply not sufficient. The more individuals, organisations and groups become proactive in influencing the government in a positive way, the more the democracy will improve.

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Paul Allen PR Advocates the Importance of the Message Instead of the Media

Paul Allen discusses the way media has changed recently and the importance of the message, instead of the media.

It’s the Message Matters, Not the Media

When it comes to successful communication, traditional means are no longer the be-all and end-all. According to Paul Allen PR, the media as we know it is on its way out. Listeners, viewers and readers are turning to other suppliers for their daily dose of news instead of the radio, the television and the newspapers.

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